Jan 16, 2015

Ear Update

I wish this was like a Disney trip update or something...but it's not haha

We had our appointment Thursday at Northeast Georgia Otolaryngology with Dr. Garlich.  Persephone was so so good.  She sat still and let the nurse and the doctor do exactly what they needed.  I would like to thank Doc McStuffins for this “no doctor fear.”  If it weren’t for that show she probably wouldn’t be so comfortable.  They were able to determine her latest ear infection has cleared up thanks to the rocephin shots, but she still has fluid build-up.  Her hearing tests came back showing some hearing loss, so they definitely recommend tubes.

She looks so grown up in this pic :(

In just the few minutes we were there, Dr. Garlich was so kind and explained everything to us.  I asked him about the spot on Persephone’s scalp and he said he didn’t like to do plastic surgery on children so young if it’s not necessary.  Their skin is so elastic that it would stretch and could cause a bigger scar, which would make the bald spot larger.  If it changes or bothers her, then certainly he would take a look at it again for us.

He said the tympanostomy tubes procedure would take 3-4 mins per ear, they do it at an outpatient facility connected to his office.  There’s no IV involved, she will just have gas hovered over her during the surgery.  The tubes are designed to last 4-18mo and usually fall out on their own as the ear drum heals.  He said he’ll check her after the surgery and again in 1yr to see their placement.  It won’t cure her of ear infections forever, but it will allow her ears to drain properly and we would be able to use ear drops in the future –vs- oral antibiotics.

I do feel much better knowing she won’t have an IV and that it’s such a quick procedure.  I know in the long run we’ll be thankful we did it.  It kind of shocked me when he said there were signs of temporary hearing loss.  With her being 2 and really starting to talk, I don’t want to rob her of learning correctly.  At least we’re on the right track now.  I’m nervous for next week, but hopeful it will go smoothly.

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