May 21, 2013

8 months old!!

Guess who's another month older?  Miss Persephone!

Today you're 8 months old and just like the last 7 months, I. can't. believe. it.  You are growing so fast.    
-You are such a sweetie pie, with a sassy side - naturally

-You've started pitching fits when you don't get your way.  Sometimes it's pretty funny and cute, other times..not so much. 

-You've become a little needy at times and want to be held or at least near someone. 

-You're still doing your army crawl, but you get where you need to go. 

-You've been pulling up to stand for about 2 weeks now and it seems to be your favorite thing to do.  In fact, when we go to sit you down, you stretch out those chunky legs so we can't sit you down

-This weekend you started taking some steps while we held your hands - pretty soon we're going to be in trouble.  I guess it's time to find a new place for the cat food/water bowl! 

-You've started sounding out "da da da da da da da" and it's so sweet.  I know you don't know it means "dada", but still it's so cute.  I know your Daddy loves it.  I'm still trying to encourage "ma ma ma ma", but we're moving at a snails pace. 

-You've also discovered you can flick your tongue, so we're getting a kick out of hearing you babble with that. 

-You're drinking approx 7oz 4-5 times a day.  We switched to Target brand gentle formula.  It definitely dissolves a heck of a lot better than the name brands we've tried. 

-We're still doing BLW (baby led weaning) and you've GOT to be consuming something because your poops have changed.  You taste all the foods we have offered.  And when in doubt, you will without a doubt eat the Gerber Puffs and Lil' Crunchies, but I'm excited to see when you start eating the food and not just sucking/gumming it. 

-You've started waking up sometime between 2-4am most nights and it drives me crazy.  I might be part of the problem because instead of letting you cry it out or stay awake, I cave, grab you from your crib and bring you to our bed.  Thimight be a "routine" for you now, which definitely wasn't my intention, but whatever.  I would snuggle with you all night long if I could.  It's funny to watch you sleep, because you've started sleeping on your side and back.  At times I'll catch you with both arms above your head.  I've also caught you one or two times where you've sat up, then fallen asleep forward with your legs stretched out underneath you (doesn't look comfy).

-YOU STILL HAVE NO TEETH!  The symptoms come and go, but still..nada, zero, zilch.

Some of these photo's my be repeats and my bad...I'm sure a few of them were already shared on Instagram/Facebook.

My two peas in a pod...

This was actually taken at 7mos I believe...

Good thing, she already likes movies.  
So how many of you think we're killing her brain cells by always having the TV on? 


Hey everybody!

So excited about a diaper case.

2:30am on Tuesday 5/21/13

This is my hand..

This is my hand...oh wait, the book says milk.

Seriously?  This is my book, don't touch it...

What's not to love about this?!

Smiley girl!

Oh I'm gonna getcha...maybe not right now, but one day

Look what I can do!

I pulled myself up!

I don't always eat a piece of steak, but when I do...
I use it as vampire fangs

Wanna try my hand?

Swinging :)

This is my table, my seat.

Can I help you?

I work out...
(I had no idea this was a Disney top...until I saw the photo)

Just chillin' on Mimi's hearth

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  1. Whoo hoo 8 months! She needs to do something 8 times!