May 13, 2013

These hamhocks are made for walking

Everyone likes to believe their child will be the next prodigy.  I'm most certain ours will be.


Mimi & Pops sent Persephone this walker a few weeks ago and she's been having a blast in it.  Between the walker and her urge to pull up, she hardly ever wants to be set down any more.  She still army crawls, but she's got a newfound love for standing.  So why don't we just skip crawling?!?  Yea right.

Here are some pics too cute not to share.

Is that a door? To the outside?

Oh my gosh, IT IS!  Let me out!!

Haha!  Just kidding Mom

Gimmie that camera...

Seriously, I asked for the camera...give it to me.


1 comment:

  1. LOVE her hamhocks and pretty eyes! She's beautiful!! As I was reading this, Easton ran up behind me and said, "Baby!" and gave her a kiss.