Jun 17, 2013


Persephone has officially been swimming 3 times now!  We have a pool in our neighborhood and luckily if you go early enough in the day, you don't have to worry with crowding.

She's in a Minnie Mouse bathing suit she rec'd at my baby shower from Tabitha and Ashley (two of my BFF's).  She has a little white hat and some sunglasses to complete her ensemble.  The glasses are shortlived and really only there for my enjoyment since she could care less about them.  The hat will stay on as long as you can preoccupy her with something else when you put it on.

Her first trip to the pool was on Memorial Day...the water was a little cool, but she seemed to love it - for approx 20mins.  She loves bath time, so we assumed she would probably enjoy this too.  I will comment, it's amazing how much lighter she feels in water hahaha.  I bought her a $3 float from the cheap isle at Target...it was in the shape of a car and I thought it would be convenient...well it wasn't.  When we sat her in it the float became top heavy and any way she leaned it leaned with her.  So unless we want to use it for an arm rest, it's useless.

The second trip - her Uncle Michael and Aunt Kristin took her one morning while we were at work.  My brother, Michael watches her every day - truly a BLESSING!  They were sweet enough to buy a better float, one complete with a little awning to keep the sun off her.  She thinks she's cool.

This past weekend Hardy and I took her again on Saturday morning.  She had a much longer dip this time.  We only took her out because she started pruning.  We had a "puffs" snack and then swam for a few more minutes before heading back home.  One great thing about our pool/playground is that we can walk out our back door and in less than 2mins you're there.  Maybe that will be a good selling point if/when that's ever an option.

I absolutely LOVE this picture of Hardy and Persephone

I can't wait to keep taking her back, I love that she enjoys it so much!  Sometimes I hate being behind the camera because I'm rarely in the photos!

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  1. Cuteness!!
    Good point about not being in pictures- which is reason #1 why you should have the photographer role designated for all birthday parties. So you can be "in the moment" but still capture the moment!