Jun 17, 2013

Renaissance Festival

Back on June 1st King GREEN offered to take their employees to the Renaissance Festival free of charge!  I haven't been since like 1995 so I was excited to check it out when I could actually remember things.  Hardy had never been at all so it was a win-win.  It wasn't too terribly hot that day and Persephone was a good baby.

We watched one of their shows when we first got there, then ate some turkey legs and PEOPLE WATCHED.  OMG.  If anything, please just attend RenFest to look at people.  I knew we would see folks in costume, but I was NOT expecting to see so many people trying to squeeze into small costumes.  From men in tights to women wearing corsets with no support for their boobs - just picture a corset with boob hammocks instead of a bra top because that's exactly what we saw, gross.  Also saw a lot of back fat.  Now I'm no string bean by any means, but I keep my parts clothed.

I had my friend Megan take some family photos for us.  It's been so long since we've actually attempted a good photo of us as a family, let alone the two of us.  I really need to do some professional photos soon before Persephone turns 5.

So enjoy these...

I've got killer quads!

Check out that man in tights...he had a "murse" covering his bulge hahahaha.  
He was selling roses and giving hugs away for free..

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