Apr 18, 2013

Book Review - Crossfire Series

Right after I finished the Fifty Shades trilogy I was dying to find something else.  A co-worker let me borrow the first two books in the Crossfire Series  (by Sylvia Day).  The first in the series is Bared to You and the second is Reflected in You.  The third book, Entwined in You is due out this June.
It's very close to the Fifty Shades series.  It took me almost 1/2 of the first book to get over the similarities and start treating it as a separate story.  It's obviously another erotic novel and actually written a little raunchier than Fifty (I know, hard to believe, but you'll appreciate the words EL James used in Fifty after you start reading the descriptions in this series)  Once I gave the books a chance and got to know the characters, Eva and Gideon I began to fall for their story.  Unlike Fifty - both of them come from screwed up backgrounds (which adds to the suspense).  A mix of past relationships/drama come into play and really test their relationship with one another, but end up bringing them closer at the same time.  Their passion for each other is beyond anything I've ever read.  I will always hold Fifty high on my "favorite book list", but this series was a nice filler.
I am excited to see how their story ends, so I definitely want to read Entwined to You when it's released!

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