Apr 19, 2013


I would like to do a giveaway!  I don't know how many of you actually follow me on a regular basis....so the odds will probably be in your favor. Since I have read more books in 2013 than I did in my entire middle/high school career, I want to share one of my favorites with one of you lucky readers!  Hopefully someone is excited.

The winner will win a paperback copy of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire - seriously one of my favorite books EVER.


- Comment on this post with your name/email address, the name of your favorite book and a brief description of WHY it's your favorite.  ***For two entries, you can link this post on your blog and your name will be entered twice - but you must mention this with your comment for verification.

- Will ship directly from Amazon.

- Winner will be chosen randomly.

- Winner will be notified via email.  I will allow 24hrs for response with an address to ship the book to or someone else will be selected to win.

- Contest ends Tuesday 4/23/13 at 8:00pm EST

- If no one enters the contest,  you can all go to hell.  Just kidding, I guess you'll just save me some money and miss out on a good read.


  1. My favorite book right now is Silver Linings Playbook. It's about mental illness from the patient's point of view. Very sweet book. Honestly, my favorite book s usually the last book I read. I've had my kindle 2.5 yrs and have read over 80 books on it. My favorite author is Mary Kay Andrews. She lives in Avondale Estates and her books all take place in Atlanta or Savannah. They are just good fiction books. Chick lit!

    1. Oh my email address is bcaffey@gmail.com

  2. I love romance novels, but I would have to say that right now my favorite book is The Help. I thought it was a very well written book, and it made me really think about how people were raised during that time period.

    1. forgot to put my email in this. brawngirl02@gmail.com

  3. My favorite book ever is lovely bones :) movie sucked, but love the book. The Giver is also an all time favorite. As well as Watchers by Dean Koontz. And the face on the milk carton series. I loved the time travelers wife. Love all the shopaholic books. It's SO HARD to pick a favorite!

    Name: Emily
    Email: Deliasgoddess33@aol.com