Jul 27, 2015

Minions & Mayfield

Persephone has watched a handful of full-length movies at home and during car rides.  When the Minions movie came out, I assumed it would be a good time to try taking her to the theater.  Well....we made it through about 1hr ha!  She was just too fidgety and bored and didn't want to sit still.  We even moved to a row all by ourselves so she wouldn't bother anyone's movie experience. 

I managed to take a few pictures of the experience even if we didn't get the full bang for our buck.

Once we left there, we visited Mayfield Dairy Farm.  
The tour is pretty short and although you don't SEE a ton of stuff, I learned a lot :)

She wasn't excited about the hair net...but when we pointed out other little girls wearing them she agreed.

A milk cows utters can weigh approx 90lbs when full, so they're usually milked twice a day.

-During the schoolyear, Mayfield produces approx 4 MILLION milk cartons a week.

-Mayfield began using the yellow jugs in the 80's because their study found that 20min after light hits the milk it begins changing the flavor and vitamins break down.

-Mayfield tests a sample of milk before they accept the truckload.

-Mayfield only accepts milk with no trace of hormones or antibiotics.

-The date printed on the gallon jug is the "sale by" date not the "expiration".  Milk usually will lasts about 18 days after packaged.

-When you're smelling milk to see if it's bad or not, pour it into a glass because if you smell directly from the milk jug you're probably smelling dried milk around the rim.

We ended our visit with FREE ICECREAM!

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