Jul 24, 2015

Impetigo Round #2

Back on June 19th we took Persephone to a local Urgent Care because of some sores on her arms.  At the time they had been there for 4 days and progressively got worse.  I thought they were ant bites, but I was wrong.  The doc in a box diagnosed it as impetigo - a bacterial skin infection.  He prescribed cephalexin oral antibiotic. 

It started to clear up really nicely within about 4-5 days but suddenly began to reappear a few days after finishing the antibiotics and much MUCH worse than the first time.

I took her to the pediatrician, he didn't seem to think it was impetigo and just prescribed us an antibiotic cream to put on the sores.  Two days later it was getting worse so we took her BACK to the pediatrician who confirmed it was still impetigo.  I trusted her diagnosis because she really examined the sores and touched them..etc.  She re-prescribed cephalexin oral, told us to keep using the antibiotic cream and come back in a week for re-check.

This physician (Dr. Nancy Johnson at Longstreet Pediatrics) was amazing.  She was so interactive with Persephone and very thorough.  If I had my choice I would never see anyone other than her.  Anyway...unlike the prior two visits Dr. Johnson looked at Persephone's ears, nose and throat and listened to her chest.  She heard wheezing.  For the first time ever I thought a light was shining down and an angel choir was singing.  Hardy and I have suspected she might be a little asthmatic especially at night because she's had several coughing spells that have kept her from sleeping.

Dr. Johnson had us do a breathing treatment in the office with albuterol and sent us home with a prescription and a nebulizer.  We were to do the nebulizer 4-6 times a day until we returned the following week to re-check the impetigo and the wheezing. 

As you can see from the pic above her impetigo started clearing up beautifully and although she's finished her oral medicine, I occasionally put a little of the antibiotic cream on it - I want to make sure all traces of those sores are gone.  As of today there's only a small shadow on her inner arm of one of the biggest "sores" otherwise she has clear skin!

Her wheezing was non existent according to the physicians assistant that we saw at the re-check.  So now we're only doing the nebulizer once a night before bed.  When we did it the few first couple of days she freaked out, screamed, wiggled and fought.  Now there's nothing to it!

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