Oct 20, 2014

Kinsey Family Farm

Last year we started a new tradition of visiting Kinsey Family Farm in north Gainesville.  They have a beautiful little farm, clean and quaint.  They offer tractor rides, snacks, tshirts, hats..etc.  They even have some animals from their farm they bring to the front pasture so you can feed them/pet them (that's our favorite.)

I looked around at other pumpkin farms this year, but decided to stick with Kinsey and I'm glad we did.  We chose to go Sunday morning at around 10:30am.

First stop - COWS

I'll pet you on my own thank you

Ok maybe just on the ear/head

Up high 

These two just didn't care about the crowd

I couldn't get a clear photo with the goat

Looking at some other cows

We definitely used hand sanitizer before this occured


She kept telling me the pumpkins were cold

Of course she'll smile with Daddy

I can do it on my own

High FIVE with Harper ;)

This is one of my favorites from that day

I think we're going to visit the farm again around Christmas.
I don't know if we'll buy a real tree or not, but we enjoyed our time there!

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