Oct 22, 2014

Everybody poops (edited)

Disclaimer: This post IS totally about poop, so stop reading if you don't want a good laugh.

One day Persephone may kill me for sharing this with the world, but it sounds so surreal, I have to get it out.

Sunday evening Persephone followed me into the bathroom and said she wanted to go potty too.  I took off her diaper and she sat on her potty for a minute at most.  Eventually she said "I done" and stood up.  She didn't actually go, but I didn't worry about it because we were in the bathroom and if she showed the signs of having to go I would remind her to sit down.

Not even 15 seconds later, she literally shits on the floor.  Out of nowhere, no warning...straight up pooped.  To be technical, it was melted chocolate ice cream poop.

I rush to clean myself up.

She steps in her poop.

I tell her not to move.

She starts crying.

I start wiping up the poop.

She's still crying.

I clean off her foot.

I keep cleaning the floor.

She continues to cry.

I'm literally tossing the mess into the toilet.

We surprisingly make it out alive.

Thank goodness we keep paper towels in that bathroom and not a hand towel...I don't even want to think about using that to clean up the mess....

Hardy missed out on this amazing afternoon. But he was so kind to clean out the toilet.  I piled so many paper towels in it, there was no way it would flush. So how about that for an end to the weekend?!

On a slightly sadder note, her tummy continued to hurt.  She didn't touch her dinner (pizza that she loves) and she had a pretty crappy (no pun intended) nights sleep.  I ended up kicking Hardy downstairs to sleep on the couch and about 1am and brought her into the bed with me.  She kept waking up crying and we had no idea why.  She still tossed/turned and cried even in our bed.


Monday we pick her up from school, they explained that she was overly tired and didn't eat a good lunch.  That night she continued to be lethargic and whiny and didn't eat dinner again.

Tuesday at about 5:45am I wake up to her screaming for me.  Before I even get her bedroom door open I can immediately smell poop.  I flip on the light and sure enough the poor little girl had totally pooped in her bed.  It was all over her, two blankets and the sheet.  Luckily all of her babies (stuffed animals) were on the edges of the crib and were unaffected.  I threw away the shirt, sheet and 2 blankets.  I know you can wash stuff...but those things are replaceable.  I put her in a luke warm bath and she just sat there in a daze for a good 15-20 min.  Finally when she wanted to get out, I brought her into our room to put a diaper on and she fell asleep.

I always see videos/pictures of babies/toddlers falling asleep in random places, but honestly Persephone never has.  She was passed out before I even finished putting the tabs on her diaper.  I knew immediately I was staying home with her.  I scooted her up onto a pillow and she slept until 8:45am.  She refused water and juice and I caved and let her have chocolate milk.  She wouldn't touch her toast or yogurt.  About 1hr after the milk, she puked ALL OVER the couch.  I was sure it was my fault for allowing the milk.

We go upstairs for another bath and proceed to lay down for another nap - she slept for 3HRS!  When she woke up, she finally ate about 1/2 container of yogurt and some potato chips.  This time I let her have some water/tea mix. She seemed a little better, but still lethargic.  By the time Hardy got home she had perked back up.  She ate a little bit of dinner, played hide and seek in the hall closet, played with her train table.  We thought all was normal.  She went to bed fine, but woke up at 2:30 begging to "get out".  This time Hardy volunteered to go downstairs and she slept in the bed with me until it was time to get up.

All seemed semi-normal, so I sent her to school because she hadn't ran a fever this entire time.  About 9:30 or so this morning they called and said she had thrown up, still no fever.  Hardy's on his way to get her now....

So what started as a funny story, is not quite pitiful because she feels so terrible.  This stomach bug can go away now.

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