Oct 13, 2014

Disney Day 3

When we checked into our hotel Sunday evening, they gave us a welcome packet with some coupons to nearby attractions and restaurants.  They conveniently had a Disney ticket sales desk in the lobby so we didn't have to wait until we got to the park.  The catch was they ALWAYS have some sales tactic these people.

Several years ago we sat through a Disney Vacation Club presentation just so we could score free fast passes.  It was a very long 2hr process, but wasn't complete torture.  Somehow I got suckered into doing a Wyndham Vacation presentation so we could score buy 1 get 1 free adult tickets to any one park.  Hey I was all about trying to save money...but in turn, I think our patience and sanity is more important.

Tuesday morning we got up really early and had breakfast with Pluto and Goofy at our hotel (I was told it was the only non-Disney character breakfast that didn't require a reservation.)  It was $24.50/adult and free for kids under 4.  Breakfast was decent and because we were there so early we got a nicely timed visit with each character.

You can tell from these photos she hadn't been awake long, but she loved it :)

She thought Goofy was so funny

After breakfast we stopped at a display for the 
new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Couldn't resist...

I'm the only one who took it seriously.

Then we were taken via shuttle to the WORST vacation/timeshare presentation known to man.  The resort was very beautiful.  We were shown their 4 bedroom Presidential Suite (of course what's not to love about that....but WHO can afford it??).

Our direct sales rep and his upper were decent.  Not too pushy.  But it took longer than the 2hrs they described.  Even after we told the reps we weren't interested, we had to wait and have some "floor manager" come do an exit questionnaire?  Like what else did we need to say - not interested.  As we were sitting in a little breakfast area, there were at least 50 sales reps crowding the halls and doorways standing around doing nothing.  They were snickering, texting on their cell phones and worse than anything BAD MOUTHING the tourists.  If I'm a potential buyer, I should NOT be able to hear you talking badly about other buyers.  It was honestly worse than any car dealership I've ever been to.  Everyone has to make a living, but they needed a break room.  It was too overwhelming and unprofessional.  When the "floor manager" finally shows up he wasn't there to ask me how my experience went, he was there to try and sell me the stupid travel package.  I thought telling him how unprofessional our experience was he would be receptive and apologetic....nope not at all!  Instead he just said "Well sometimes it gets busy around here."

Go to hell rude ass....never again, no matter how sweet the deal.  I am NEVER doing one of those stupid seminars again.  Ever.  Mark my words. FINALLY when we got our complimentary tickets, we were dropped off at EPCOT.

I just LOVE this pic, too bad my camera caught the humidity.

Did you know EPCOT stands for Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow.  This year we totes forgot to go take a pic with our "Leave a Legacy" sketch...oh well, there's always next time.  We walked to World Showcase to enjoy lunch at one of our favorites - San Angel Inn in Mexico.

Here's an outside view 

And the inside...

If you really take a moment to look around and explore all the rides/buildings at Disney parks, it's TRULY amazing how large they are.  From the outside everything seems fairly modest, but on the inside these places are HUGE. After lunch we walked back towards Future World so we could do Journey Into Imagination with Figment, The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Character Spot.

"Mickey hold you!"

No smiles here.

Smiles for Minnie!

Then no smiles again...star stuck?!

Right after we met Chip & Dale she started getting sleepy so 
I rocked her in the stroller until she fell asleep. 

From there we headed back to World Showcase so we get a final ride with Maelstrom.  Luckily we picked a fast pass for it because the wait was 45min.  Sadly for the Maelstrom/Norway fans they've almost completely converted the giftshop into Frozen items.  There wasn't any Maelstrom specific memorabilia left.  Hardy managed to grab a Norway hat and a Norway shirt, but that was it.  I heard some lady ask about Maelstrom pins, but I told her good luck finding one on Ebay you can afford.  A few months back I remember getting an email from Disney store offering a limited edition Maelstrom shirt for $24.95, I should have snagged it because now those damn shirts are $75+ on ebay and unofficial Disney webstores.

We headed over to Great Britain to meet the quaint Alice!

Aren't these facial expressions just the greatest?

She may be naively curious, but she's cute too

Looking back at these photos, I'm almost positive Persephone peed through her diaper.  At the time we just assumed it was from the stroller getting wet during the rain...but yea, clearly..this is an overflow leak.

Sorry Alice - you hugged a pee baby ;)

What a sweet moment...

Waving hi to the flowers

Great hugger...

Here are some of my cell phone shots from Epcot.

Checking out the dolphins while Hardy's keeping up with hand cleanliness

We obviously changed her clothes...

Firetruck fun

From Mickey shaped pumpkins to character topiaries...Disney always makes the CUTEST additions to their attractions.

Insert this Mike Wazowski rock formation in the aquarium.

My favorite photo from our trip I think...just so majestic.
It also houses one of my ALL TIME favorite Disney rides: Spaceship Earth.

Some find it cheesy, but I don't care.  It's nostalgic/classic Disney and will always be special to me.  I even rode it twice without getting off :)

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