Jul 19, 2013

Mini beach trip

On Friday 7/12 we met up with our good friends Danny & Shannon (who we met through the haunted house) and followed them down to Beaufort, SC where they live.  Persephone was a very good baby during the ride, only one real fussy moment.

Like are we seriously here now?

We got there at about 6:15 or so, checked into our hotel room and then had a nice dinner at Applebee's.

Queen of the king bed

I wasn't sure how P would be in a hotel room,  but she was fine.  I've learned to bring along our little box fan whenever we travel because most A/C units these days are central air and you don't get that nice loud white noise you used to with older hotels.  We brought the pack-n-play even though I would have loved to snuggle her into that king size bed and she slept through the night all three nights.

The following morning we met up with Shannon and her stepdaughter Desiree and headed to Hunting Island State Park.  By default I think SC is prettier than GA because of the palm trees, which definitely means their state parks are awesome.  The entire pathway to the beach/lighthouse had nothing but beautiful plants/trees along the edges.

((Cue Jurassic Park theme))

We had our fingers crossed she would like the ocean since she has fun in the pool...and she LOVED IT.

In fact she would throw a little tantrum when the tide went out because she couldn't splash.
We would dip her in the water and then raise her high in the air when a wave came.
She would kick her legs and laugh every time a new wave approached.

Hmm...nobody was paying attention when she grabbed the box of fries

Napping on Daddy

I didn't feel like editing this before posting..so pretend my shadow isn't there.  
My first idea was to write our names and do our footprints in the sand, 
but it didn't work right so I just wrote her name and decided to sit her there for a second haha.

Sunday morning we got up and drove to Hilton Head Island where Hardy's parents/sister were staying and stayed inside most of the day due to rain.  We were so sunburnt from the day before that we had no desire to visit the beach.  Monday we ate lunch with his parents and then headed home.

I will remember sunscreen for the rest of my life....

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