Jul 21, 2013

10 months old!

Lets see...where to begin

Still eating 7-7.25oz about 4 times a day.  In between we offer water and snacks.  This weekend I plan on implementing a true feeding schedule with breakfast.  I haven't offered her any breakfast during the week just because most of the time when she wakes up she's hungry for a bottle and we're rushing to get ready for work.  So I figure if I can do it stress free over the weekend it will make it easier during the week.  I bought some already diced fruits from Gerber that she can pinch and pick up (apple and mango) and she likes them pretty well.  We have also offered her apple juice recently but dilute it with water. 

-Motor skills-
She's gone "monkey".  Climbing on us and all of the furniture.  She's quicker than before....in the past we could catch her before she made it to the kitchen - now not so much.  I guess it's time for those pain in the ass cabinet locks.  She's been standing on her own for short breaks and she'll do a few mini squats before finally giving in and sitting down again.  She will lead to walk if you hold her fingers.  We're trying to teach her to blow kisses - she's got the noise down, but hasn't put two and two together putting her hand to her mouth.  That girl can GO in her walker.  I wish our whole lower floor was hard flooring so she could just go to town....or I wish it would go on carpet too. 

Muuumaa (but only when she's eating or angry...hmm)
Olie olie
Dickle...yea its just a sound shes making and we just pretend its tickle
--She's rediscovered her tongue and constantly has it hanging out and grabs at it. 
--She now will also place her fist in front of her mouth and "oh oh oh" like an Indian.

-Play time-
Now that she's picked up some speed she darts for the kitchen whenever she can and plays with her toys in there or magically finds a cat toy she would rather have.  Recently it's been a fight to occupy her if she can see one of us in the kitchen, she wants to be in there too.  So we moved her walker in there even though she has limited space. I would also like to consider bath time is play time...because she's always loved it.  She would probably sit in there all night talking, splashing and making noise.

Great so far.  My brother actually downloaded a lullaby app for when be puts her down for naps during the day (My Baby Music Box) so Hardy and I downloaded the same one and it definitely does soothe her.  Also,  for almost a month now we've been adding a scoop of oatmeal to her last bottle of the night and it seems to help her sleep longer. On average she wakes up between 5:30-6:30am...sometimes earlier sometimes later.

Unless something pops out in the next 2mos, we might have a toothless 1yr old.  Just as she's done since 3mos old, we have the drool....irritability and occasional clingyness - STILL NO TEETH!!!

I booked the place for her party the other day.  I'm excited to get that all planned out...keeping it simple, but I want it to be cute too (obviously for me, not her).

Give me food...so I can pretend to eat some of it and throw the rest on the floor for the cat to eat

Playing on the bottom is so much more fun

Just chilling in the car

Oh Daddy you're so funny

I Instagrammed this one...mom photo bomb

One of my faves

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