Jul 9, 2013

Lil Porker

Persephone had her 9mo check up on Friday 6/28.  We stayed with Longstreet Pediatrics, just because it's convenient.  She's now out of Wee Care (newborn - 6mo only).  I have to say, I actually LIKED that office.  It was quieter and cleaner since no children over 6mos were allowed.

I decided to make her appointment for the Oakwood office, because it's in between work and home.  To start, I know I'm hot blooded, but I swear the well waiting room had no A/C.  I was a sweaty mess by the time we got into a room.  It's harder to keep her stationary now so we hopped from seat to seat, she bounced on my knee and she threw toys on the floor and laughed as I picked them up time and time again.  She was cranky, hungry and sleepy so it was one of the most stressful visits for me.  No shots were needed because she's all caught up <>.  I don't think I could have taken the pre-doctor waiting + shots.  It was so chaotic I couldn't get a shot of her on the exam table..which I wanted to do.  The doctor even did the exam in my lap ha ha ha.  But she will get some new shots at her 12mo check up.

She weighed in at a whopping 20lbs 3oz
She measured 28.5" long

Doctor said she was growing as expected and in all areas she's75th percentile - - when did they start doing percentile??  I've also heard some other moms say their doctor was able to "guess" how tall their child would be...I haven't heard that yet.  I'm hoping she gets some height and doesn't end up an oompa loompa like me.

Here she is swimming with her cousins, Avery and Hayden.

Trying vanilla ice cream at Jaemore - I've been strict about her food intake, 
but if she's going to splurge I wanna be the first to do it.

Blurry photo, but I love the way she's looking at me.

Good morning!  Well...maybe
I've got her on a routine of playing for a few minutes in her room each day when she wakes up

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  1. OH, she looks so big now, sitting there like that! She is so precious, I still love her rolls. :)