Feb 18, 2013

Rebels with a cause

Tattoos...you either love them or hate them.

I personally have no issue with them, although I do think some people make questionable decisions on what they get tattooed. I just remind myself they're the ones who have to live with it, not me.

When I was 16 my mom let me get my belly button pierced and apparently I promised I would NEVER get a tattoo. I don't remember agreeing to that, but...I guess I forgot. Sorry Mom.

I got my first tattoo in 2004, a little pink star on my right foot. I loved it (and still do) although it has faded a bunch. I wish the artist would have told me pink isn't the best color and that your foot is one of the areas that fades the quickest...but he didn't. It could stand a touch up.

In 2011 I got two paw prints on my left wrist for my kitties. I know some of you may be thinking how lame, so if you are - screw you. Our cats are part of the family and I love them so there you have it. I love my paws and every time I look at them I'm reminded of my sweet fur babies.

Throughout my pregnancy Hardy and I discussed what we would get tattoo wise for our baby. He said almost from day one he wanted his/her footprint. So this weekend we made it happen.

Persephone's room is my own version of a Disney theme. Her Mimi & Pops ordered us this awesome personalized vinyl wall decal of her name in Disney font with Minnie's head as the accent for her room. So when I began to seriously consider what I wanted for a tattoo, I knew Minnie would be involved. It just so happens that the design I liked best has a "P" in it.

Saturday we headed down to Killer Ink in Buford, GA and got started. <> I was first and even though I've gotten two tattoos prior (and given birth) I was sooo nervous about getting this. I chose to get it on my right wrist because I already have the cat paws on my left, and I wanted Persephone to be showcased just the same :)

I think I know why people get tattoos, its because you quickly forget the pain haha. Unlike a piercing the tattoo really only hurts when they're doing it, a few days after its just tender like sunburn. So it isn't until you go back for another that you remember it hurts.

So here they are, my Minnie for Persephone (you can see a "P" on the left or right). And Hardy got her footprint (the one they stamped at the hospital) with her name in Disney font on his left inner arm.

We are so happy with the results :)


  1. LOVE how the "P" is kinda hidden in the ear...super cool!!!! I'm not a tattoo person but I think the minnie head is really neat! What will you do for your next child????

    1. Next child?? Who are you kidding? Hahaha I'll tattoo my entire left arm with their hands/feet/profile/name/DOB/height and weight.