Feb 21, 2013

5 months old! (updated)

Today Persephone is 5 months old! Can you believe it? Because I'm still having a little trouble with it.

What she's doing now...

- She's been mock holding her bottle during feedings. Most of the time she's unconsciously pulling it away from her mouth and you have to hold it in place so she doesn't keep yanking it out. Over the past couple of days I guess she's realized her arms move and she's been flailing them. Here's a video of her "tapping her leg" ha ha ha. Persephone tapping her leg .  At first I burst out laughing then I worried something was wrong with her. I know that sounds bad, but I'm just being honest. She's been grabbing/reaching for things a lot more...toys, our faces and even more fun - our glasses. She also "scratches" things. If she's sitting in our lap, she's constantly curling her fingers over our clothes or hers. I noticed she does this too when she wakes up from nap/sleep...she'll start scratching the bed before fully opening her eyes.

- She loves her fingers and toes! She almost always has her hands in her mouth, but when she's laying in the floor or in the pack 'n play she constantly pulls her feet up to her mouth. Persephone sucking on her toes

- She can officially give her "nini" back to herself. This is what we call the pacifier because I hate the words "paci" and "binky". I chose "nini" after a little terror named Mackenzie on the show Toddlers and Tiaras ha ha "WHERE'S MY NINI?!?!"

- She's been rolling to one side or the other for almost 2 months now, but last night she FINALLY rolled completely over from her back to her belly. I have caught her a couple of times flip from her belly to her back during the night when she was in her crib, but this was a first from back to belly. ((Does this sound as convoluted as it does when I read it??)) The first two times she did it we didn't say anything, but when she continued we started cheering and clapping. I took a couple of photos, of course my mom joked that anyone can take a picture of a baby on their back/belly and claim they rolled over. Soooo I recorded a video and did a FaceTime chat to prove her wrong ;)  Persephone Rolling Over

- What hair she does have is getting longer. She's now got a little bald ring around the back of her head.

- She's a drool machine. Right around 3mos she was drooling non-stop, we were almost convinced she was cutting a tooth, but it never happened. The drooling started back up about a week ago and we think we can feel some ridges on the top gums, but aren't sure.

- Bath time is a favorite of hers. From newborn to about a month I used to bathe her in a baby tub on our kitchen table, then moved to the kitchen sink and eventually started doing it in the real tub at 3mos. I just use the newborn sling that came with the baby tub. I don't prop it up or anything, but use it to keep her head cushioned and above the water. She loves kicking her chunky legs and splashing, she also enjoys sucking on her fingers too - I guess because they get wet?

- She's eating 6oz 4-6 times a day, depends on how long she takes naps between feedings. For about a month now she's been a once a day pooper.

- She's still a TROOPER with sleep and has continued her habit of sleeping through the night :)

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  1. Aww yay!! I still haven't posted my one-month update. It's so hard to find time to blog!!