Jan 6, 2013

Girls day

Since Persephone was born I've only been out a couple of times by myself or with Hardy, but it hasn't been longer than a few hours. Saturday was my first official "fun day" and I had a blast!

My friend Ashley picked me up and then we picked up Megan and on to Mall of GA we went. We went into Bath & Body Works real quick, they're were having a pretty great sale...all of their soaps were only $3, they had wallflowers 2 for $6...the list goes on. Afterward....believe it or not (cause it was even hard for me to believe), I FINALLY saw Breaking Dawn part II. It was AMAZING! I was a crybaby. I cried at the opening credits, cried in the middle and cried at the end. Thank goodness I had napkins from where I ate my popcorn :)

We headed to Olive Garden from there - yummmmm! Then they took me to this new store in front of Best Buy called Torrid. I think I've seen one inside a mall before, but its been years ago. Anyway they have clothes for plus sizes only (12 & up pant sizes). Some classy/causal and pretty clothes for women. I would have loved to pick up some new jeans, but the downside is everything was a little pricey. Even clearance items didn't seem like that great a deal because their original price was crazy high. It's a shame, I guess they charge more because they use more fabric?!! Hell I don't know. I walked out empty handed.

Our next stop was Queen of Hearts, an antique store next to Hobby Lobby in Buford. There were some truly awesome finds in there, but we showed up late and the store was closing before we had a chance to look at it all. I was on the look out for Disney art...found some, but not in my price range!

Ashley found some really neat things and I'm excited to see where she puts them in her house!

Last stop was Hobby Lobby...I could probably spend hours in there along with too much money. Such neat stuff, especially for DIY projects.

Anyway I had an awesome day with two great friends. It felt great to have me time. I did miss my sweet little girl and I guess I missed Hardy a little haha. I'm looking forward to the next girls day!

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  1. I looove Queen of Hearts! So much fun to roam around in!