Jan 29, 2013

4mo check up

Yesterday we went to see a plastic surgeon about the place on Persephone's head (known as nevus sebaceous). We went to Grady in November and the dermatologist suggested we have it removed as later in life it could develop into cancer.

He said it looked like a classic case of it, but told us to wait a few more years. Before school would be preferable so she wouldn't be made fun of if hair doesn't grow in there. He said if she ends up needing tubes in her ears or tonsils removed they could do it all at one time, but for now just to hang tight as its risk of cancer right this moment are non existent.

After that we hightailed it back to Gainesville for her pediatrician appointment. Her head is 16", she weighs a whopping 14lbs 10oz and is 25" long . I had never asked before about percentiles, but I did this time and he said her height and weight was in 75th. He did comment that she passed strength exam with flying colors. I mean I knew my baby was ahead of the curve, but it was icing on the cake to hear the doctor say it. Bahahaha I'm kidding, really I'm not that conceited.

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