Dec 8, 2014


Claustrophobia is the fear of having no escape and being in closed or small spaces or rooms.

This entire house process has opened my eyes more than I could have imagined.  I've been feeling a roller coaster of emotions - sometimes even on an hourly/daily basis.  We listed our house on Nov 17th, within a week we were under contract.  The potential buyers were investors wanting our property to rent, requested to close 12/30.  They apparently already owned another house in our subdivision.  They immediately complained about a crack in the driveway, but kept the contract anyway.  We kicked into high gear trying to find a house. 

1. Found something we liked
2. Made an offer...even stretched beyond our comfort zone when they countered
3. Had an inspection
4. We backed out after results from inspection

I don't mind buying an older home, but I don't want to buy someones problems.  The house we had under contract was 12yrs old, but had several repairs that needed to get done.  They played such hardball on the price from the get-go, I was confident the current owners would not be willing to fix all of the issues if any.  And certainly wouldn't drop the price enough.

Back to square one. 

I was relieved we spent $400 before buying 30yrs worth of debt and repairs.  But I was also deflated, because we were running out of time.  Our current house was scheduled to close in less than a month and we still had nowhere to live.

Friday 12/5 the potential buyers had our home inspected and while the recommendations of repairs were nowhere near as severe as those on the house we almost bought - our buyers also backed out.  Structurally the house is totally fine, there's nothing wrong with the bones or foundation.  The inspector complained of the crack in our driveway, a loose accent stone on the front of the house, water damage to hardwood at back door, claims the stairs "give"?!? and need more support, we need to replace the water guard strip on bottom of shower door.  Our dryer vent running into the attic apparently has a leak that's dripping onto the insulation above Persephone's closet.  Also recommended we have HVAC professionally cleaned and lastly replace one of the plumbing boots on the roof.  Now of course we have to fix these problems if we want to sell.

I'm just so overwhelmed.  I know it's not literally the end of the world, but it feels like it.  Going from high to low takes an unbelievable toll.  I'm mad at the world even though it's not the worlds fault.  Of course we're blessed to have a roof over our heads and food...but I'm feeling claustrophobic.  So many thoughts have gone through my mind...lets fix it and stay in the dumb house we have now.  Lets fix it, sell it and rent...because obviously we aren't knowledgeable enough in "home maintenance" to know how to take care of what we have.

I'm mad we lost the $400 when we really didn't have it to spare.  I'm mad at the potential buyers for backing out even though we did the same thing just last week.  We plan to use what little profit we make on the sale of this house to pay off the remaining credit card debt we have. 

So in the meantime we're spinning our tires.  Speaking of tires, I also need new tires.

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