Nov 4, 2014

Halloween 2014!

Persephone is still too young to pick a costume.  I'm sort of thankful for that since we still have control for a while longer lol.  I'm not crafty enough to make her a full costume from scratch.  A month or so ago we were in Toys R Us and I happened to see a cute little Zebra bodysuit on sale for $25.  Now that I think about it...$25 was a little high, but the quality of this bodysuit was a lot better than those cheapo costumes at Party City.  We're lucky she didn't have some freak growth spurt because it still fit!

This year we started a new tradition with our friends Teddy and Shannon.  They brought their daughter, Olivia to trick or treat in our subdivision.  We dined on some yummy pizza from Napolis and then got ready to endure the cold.  I helped Olivia with her makeup as she was a Zombie Prom Queen - totally cute costume by the way.  I kind of impressed myself.  Her makeup looks better than the difficulty I thought I had.  I just used some dark eye shadows and highlighted her eyes, cheek bones, forehead, nose and chin.

The men stayed back to pass out candy while Shannon, her mother and I took the girls trick or treating.  Super thankful to Shannon's parents - they were kind enough to bring along a wagon from when Olivia was younger.  It came in handy for sure..

To start Persephone didn't speak to anyone and wouldn't hold her candy bucket.  I'm pretty sure she enjoyed the wagon ride more than any other part of Halloween.

This is probably one of my FAVORITE photos of her ever.

Ok I lied, here's another favorite....

 First house!

With our favorite neighbor - Allison!
and Riley the dog :)
I swear she likes her even though she's got quite the face

Olivia totally working the creeper status

Look at that cute tail!

It took probably 5-10 houses before she actually started to say trick or treat.  Recently she's caught on to what being "scared" means.  I don't know who taught her that, but it's super annoying.  I'm not going to torture her, but when things she used to love are now scary it's frustrating.  We came up to one house with a green porch light, they had the wicked witch from Wizard of Oz out there who activated with motion.  They also had a small fog machine going.  I was grasping for straws, so I told Persephone she had gas and stunk thinking it would make her laugh instead of cry.  Well she still whined, but when we walked away she stopped and turned back saying "eww stinky."

Here's to hoping she enjoys herself next year to!

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