Mar 27, 2013

Growing up

Babies grow fast, REAL FAST. When people tell you to cherish every moment, definitely listen. I'm still amazed at how one day changes from the next.

I'm almost positive she's cutting her first tooth/teeth. Last Thursday we came home to a cranky baby with a runny/stuffy nose. I was even asking myself who this baby was. She's been so sweet and perfect up to now and literally on the day she turned 6mos old she had us worried and clueless. I made a call into her doctor who asked me about 60 questions - in the end she suggested saline spray in her nose, Tylenol for fussiness and getting a humidifier. We did this ALL.WEEKEND.LONG.

Between her being out of character, being fussy, stressing us out and then us getting stressed at each other I'm surprised Hardy and I left the same house Monday to go to work lol. I laugh now, but really I thought we were going to kill each other.

She dropped the runny/stuffy nose by Sunday, but was still fussy and refusing to eat an entire bottle. Her drool doubled by Sunday and was sooo messy. While we have started introducing solids via baby led weaning she's still in the learning stages and isn't actually swallowing pieces of food (not intentionally anyway). So we were freaking out that she would get dehydrated from not enough fluid.

She never ran a fever, but the Tylenol did seen to help with her irritability.

So here we are 5 days in and still no toofer visible. But I'm sure it'll rear itself soon. I did manage to catch some cute photos of her over the weekend during her "pleasant" moments.

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  1. It's funny how children will teethe differently too. Cory teethed like a champ. Easton, however, sounds like Persophene. We tried teething rings, cold washcloths, teething tablets, and the only thing that seemed to work was Ibuprofen, since it's an anti-inflammatory. It took WEEEEEEEEKS for each tooth to come in, and those were often times when I'd find a sitter so I could have an hour to myself to get away from all the fussiness. It's hard, I feel your, er....her pain! :)