Aug 13, 2015

We are potty trained!

I wish I had something more clever to say.  
Like everybody poops...and we all do.

Persephone has been officially potty trained since Friday 7/24/15!!!  We stopped pull-ups altogether unless she was sleeping.  She's only had a few accidents at school since, but only two of them were her refusal to go to the potty.  The first time she said there were bubbles in the toilet?!?  The second she just said she didn't make it.

We've been cutting her drinks off no later than 8pm because she normally goes to bed around 8:40-9:00pm and she's only wet the bed twice.

We are so super proud of this accomplishment.  We've tried a couple of times before, but only halfheartedly.  This time she was obviously ready and interested.  She's such a big girl!

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