Feb 4, 2015

House update!

I haven't posted about our house situation in a while.  Honestly, I got so bummed when everything fell through in December I just didn't feel like talking about it.  Things are going much better now, but I'm afraid to get too excited for fear it will backfire.

We got another offer on our home in early January!  Buyer accepted the inspection that was already performed by previous   We want Persephone to have a  yard to play in, a bigger space to call our own.  We also don't want to live in an attached home forever.  The neighborhood has been great, you can literally walk outside our back door and there's the pool/playground area.  All of our neighbors have been great too.  But 1 car driveway, 1 car garage, not much privacy in the front or back and having 2 stories gave us enough reason to look elsewhere.  I had almost come to terms with renting an apartment for a while until we found the perfect home.  Have you seen/heard pricing for apartments these days?!?  The place closest to our house starts at $960 for a 2 bedroom.  INSANITY!!  

I'm excited to say we won't have to do an apartment because we found a house!!  It's in an established neighborhood in Braselton.  And I know two people who currently live there, so I feel better about the location.  Ironically enough the pool/playground is just a short walk from our front door, so we can still enjoy that convenience!  The home has been pretty well maintained, needs a few fixes, but the immediate needs we've requested the seller to handle prior to closing.

A lot of the buying process I've forgotten.  We bought our first home in 2009 and neither had any experience prior.  It was a brand new home also, so I think we assumed the home would be flawless.  It was close, but definitely not perfect.  Now that we are selling and buying..I'm learning so much.  From negotiating the price, fixing this, asking someone else to fix that, who pays closing, home warranties, home inspections, appraisals, fees for this...termite letter...interest rates...etc etc.  The only thing we're waiting on right now are the appraisals and we'll be good to go.  We're currently scheduled to close on February 20th for BOTH houses.  Talk about a busy day.

Hopefully my next house post will be about our moving adventure (and photos of course.)  Please send good vibes our way that this all goes and ends well.

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